Album: Unreleased Year 2011 Genre: Accoustic Written, composed and performed by Caroline Oulman Produced by Ajoite (Patrick Chehab aka Skywalker) Notes: This track was a first attempt at an amater production with Caroline Carp. She has the sweetest voice which expresses the Goddesses energy with pure grace. Hopefully we will be making some new music […]

Chiron in Aries February 2019 – April 2027

Article by Gonzalo Romero gonzalopan@gmail.com This is an article about the current transit of Chiron in Aries, and the Chiron archetype in general. References are made and some few quotes are included in the article relating to some metaphysical and psychological aspects of the archetype, some of which have not to my knowledge been referenced […]

Nirvana Quartz

Nirvana Quartz from the Himalayan Mountains Nirvana Quartz are also known as growth interference quartz.  The Nirvana’s are from the Himalayan mountains.  Growth interference crystals have irregular shapes due to other minerals which intergrew with the quartz crystals and then over time eroded away leaving the original crystal with interfered growth patterns. The result are […]

Methods to Quench Thirst During Kundalini Activations

By Jana Dixon Part of the reason for the extreme thirst of kundalini awakening and detoxing are the acids and toxins being released during metamorphosis of the tissues, and the extra free radicals produced during heightened metabolism in the mitochondria. These free radicals create oxidation and inflammation which need to constantly be cooled and quenched […]

Combining Crystals and Evolutionary Astrology

When working with people, their evolutionary lessons and personal issues I found that along with a deep, honest conversation in which the person is determined to uncover whatever blocks limit their growth, it;s also beneficial to assist energetically with crystals. Crystals have their own frequency or vibration which can correlate with a specific archetype or […]