Methods to Quench Thirst During Kundalini Activations

By Jana Dixon Part of the reason for the extreme thirst of kundalini awakening and detoxing are the acids and toxins being released during metamorphosis of the tissues, and the extra free radicals produced during heightened metabolism in the mitochondria. These free radicals create oxidation and inflammation which need to constantly be cooled and quenched […]

Combining Crystals and Evolutionary Astrology

When working with people, their evolutionary lessons and personal issues I found that along with a deep, honest conversation in which the person is determined to uncover whatever blocks limit their growth, it;s also beneficial to assist energetically with crystals. Crystals have their own frequency or vibration which can correlate with a specific archetype or […]

The Importance of Grounding

Generally when beginning to use crystals in meditation and body layouts for energy work we tend to underestimate the importance of being grounded.  Being grounded means that we are securely rooted in our physical bodies and the Earth.  There was a time when I was meditating everyday for long periods of time, often using various  […]


Amber from the Baltic Sea. Amber is tree resin that is over a hundred million years old. It´s not a crystal or a stone but has metaphysical properties and has been valued for eons. It´s almost like accumulated sunshine and has a very warming, pleasant and joyful quality which becomes evident as soon as one […]


Iridescent Ammonite from Madagascar Ammonite is a fossil which metaphysical properties correlate with the evolution of the Soul. It can help facilitate remembering past life memories and the journey of the Soul through its various incarnations. It can be helpful in the evolutionary processes of learning about sacred sexuality and Tantra. Ammonite can assist in […]


Apophylite is a crystal of light, clear vision and inspiration. It can help us do work that is highly inspired, possibly even by the divine. Apophylite clusters have a clear, bright yet soft and uplifting presence wherever they are placed. Their presence in a room can be felt and the perfectly defined crystals remind us […]