On Power Animals

By Nathalie Monnieri Photo credit: Unknown Author I am not sure what modern western shamanism teachings are on that, but where I come from, we do not discuss/mention/talk/mull over, or even reveal our power/totem animals to others. I observe it all the time, people enthusiastically sharing their identities to others, sometimes total strangers, online, or […]

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite and Quartz from Brazil Blue Kyanite is a high frequency crystal of mental transformation and evolution through the ability to make new connections or learn new information that can totally change the way we see things and therefore evolve. It can help us connect with others, either to transmit information, to learn from […]

Brandenberg Quartz

Scroll down for free high quality image! Some of the most beautiful combinations of smokey, clear and amethyst quartz. These are very high frequency crystals which are protective from negativity in general. We are invited to release negativity from within ourselves and reach the highest we can with these beauties. One way of raising our […]


Hematite pseudomorph after Magnetite from Argentina Hematite is iron in mineral form, representing inner strength and the ability to manifest one’s desires on the material plane. It reminds us of the empowerment, protection and vitality necessary to achieve what we desire through assertive action. It can be soothing when held and promotes a sense of […]

Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper with “eyes” from Madagascar Fossilised algae that is wonderfully grounding and restoring. Strong earth and water elements. Very supportive. May be able to facilitate learning about our connection to the natural world around us, including animals and their metaphysical meaning in our lives. Many have beautiful orbs and eyes. Some people say stones […]


Labradorite from Madagascar Labradorite is a very beautiful stone which is easily recognisable by its play of colours. Labradorite has a special type of iridescence due to its structure called labradorescence and is how it gets its reflective colours. Labradorite is highly sought after because of its beauty and most comes from Madagascar. It’s a […]