Labradorite from Madagascar Labradorite is a very beautiful stone which is easily recognisable by its play of colours. Labradorite has a special type of iridescence due to its structure called labradorescence and is how it gets its reflective colours. Labradorite is highly sought after because of its beauty and most comes from Madagascar. It’s a […]


Malachite stalactites and tumbled stones from D. R. Congo Malachite is a copper based mineral which is how it gets its beautiful color which can go from light to a rich dark green. Green is the colour of the Earth’s vegetation and of the heart chakra. Both plants and the heart chakra correspond astrologically to […]

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz The most abundant and well known love crystal out there! Helps surface buried emotions to be released. Helps us become more loving towards ourselves and others. A gentle heart chakra crystal for self love and the pure expression of that love. A calming, soothing crystal encouraging emotional openness towards others as we live […]


The mineral combinations from the Panasqueira mine in Portugal are very original and pretty. This location is world famous for its Apatite crystals and Quartz crystals with Siderite, Apatite, Ferberite, Fluorite, Pyrite, Chalcopyrite, Gold, Cassiterite, Topaz, Marcasite, Calcite, Arsenopyrite, Rutile, Black Tourmaline and Dolomite.

UV Reactive Smokey Quartz with Hyalite Opal from Portugal

Smokey Quartz can be used to calm and center the emotional body, to relax the nervous system in case of stress or negative emotions. It can also be used to ward off negative energy but these UV reactive Smokeys with Hyalite Opal from Portugal take things to another level! We feel these crystals have an […]